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We have the products and the equipment to permanently eliminate unwanted odors.  Call us at:  (541) 994-3858  or  (541) 265-3156 if you want a company that will do more then just temporarily mask unwanted odors in your home, auto, rv or place of business

With our Nontoxic, Nonirritating and biodegradable treatment, we can permanently eliminate odors caused by animal, human urine, feces, male cat spray, decaying organic matter, mold and mildew.  This treatment, is made from natural plant oils and is safe for people and pets. Call us so that we can safely, permanently and immediately eliminate those unwanted odors in your carpet, clothing, floors and walls.

Our Industrial Ozone Machines are extremely effective for use in odor control.  we can help you solve severe odor problems such as odors that have resulted from flood and fire damage.  Our industrial size machines remove odors that no other process can. Your home will smell as fresh as the clean air in paradise.