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Does your carpet look like it is due for replacement, but you are not quite ready to replace it?

Are the fibers in the traffic lane matted and smashed down?

Is your carpet extra stained and heavily soiled?

Call Snibley's Carpet Cleaning.  With our RX-20 Rotary Extractor Tool we can help 

Our Aggressive Restorative Extraction Tool has five powerful cleaning heads that rotate over the carpet. It applies the power of five men simultaneously cleaning.  It injects and extracts hot water over 450 times a minute.

If your carpet is extra soiled, the circular action cleans all sides of the fiber.  The five powerful, self-powered cleaning heads rotate over the carpet consistently scrubbing all areas of the carpet.  The spray jet injects very hot water onto the carpet 450 times a minute.  The five powerful vacuum heads constantly extract the soil and hot water.

When the fibers in the traffic lane are smashed down, the five rotating heads and powerful vacuum work together to restore the carpet fibers to a like-new fluffy condition.  The steam from the spray jet set the fibers so, with proper maintenance, they will stay fluffy and up-right for a long time.

When your carpet looks like it is due for replacement but you are not ready to replace it, our Restorative Extraction Tool is a pretty amazing carpet cleaning method that will restore the carpet to a like-new condition.  You can put off the expense of replacing the carpet for several more years just by regular maintenance scrubbing with our Scrubbing Machine.  Our Scrubbing Machine will flush and remove deeply embedded soil from all sides of the carpet fiber.  It will make the traffic lanes almost disappear.  Customers that have had the Scrubbing Machine used on their carpets on a regular basis have added years to the life of the carpet.  Our Aggressive Restorative Extraction Tool is great for carpets in rentals.   Nobody wants to spend money to purchase new carpet when they are not sure how the new tenants will care for it.  Our Scrubbing Machine will restore the carpet in between tenants time and time again. 

(541) 994-3858   OR   (541) 265-3156