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Snibley's also Restretches & Repairs Carpet

(541) 994-3858   OR   (541) 265-3156

Replacing your carpet can get very expensive.  Give us a call, we may be able to save you quite a bit of money.  You don't need to replace all the carpet in the room because of one small damaged area in the middle of the room.
Did your cat or dog scratch and tug at your carpet, damaging the fibers or leaving a hole where you once had beautiful like-new carpet?
Is your carpet rippled and loose with dangerous humps and bumps to trip on?
Does your vacuum suck up the edges and corners of your carpet like it was dirt?
Did somebody dribble bleach or cleaners on your carpet creating an eyesore of discolored fibers?
Did someone drop a cigarette on your carpet or sparks from the fireplace land on your carpet leaving an ugly hole or black spot?

We can re-stretch and tack down your carpet so those dangerous wrinkles and bubbles are gone. Your carpet can be just as smooth and tight as the day the installer put it in.

We can not clean the dis-colored bleach spot or the burn spots away, but we can repair them away.


Call us before you go to the expense of replacing your carpet.  We may be able to add years to the life of your carpet.