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Even if you hire the most thorough professional house cleaning service available there is still a good chance that your home is not truly clean.

Your house cleaner may vacuum daily and your carpet may appear clean but soil, dust mites and dander work their way below the surface.  Vacuuming does not effectively remove the hidden dirt and particles that have worked their way below the surface of the pile. Research indicates that hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, provides the best capability for cleaning. 

Call Snibley's Carpet Cleaning to have your carpets cleaned with a truck-mounted hot water extraction system.   

When your home really needs a deep cleaning call Snibley's Carpet Cleaning.  Snibley's professional technicians don't just clean carpets. In addition to deep cleaning your carpets, Snibley's does:

At Snibley's Carpet Cleaning we will do our best to work around your house cleaners schedule to give your home an extra deep clean.

With your house cleaners frequent vacuuming and an occasional deep carpet cleaning with our truck-mount steam carpet cleaner, your carpet will look and feel like new for years to come.